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Clamp Guarantee

Clamp Guarantee

Helping you deliver on your promises by building clamps you can rely on!

We at Sandfield are passionate about clamps but we understand that clamps may not be the most exciting piece of technology in your business. Our clamps are ultimately a small but probably crucial part of your overall project, process or product. We understand that our products’ function is to ensure that you deliver on your promises and schedules regardless of the industry sector you are in.

With this in mind, we seek to simplify the issue for you by ensuring our clamps will always do what they are designed for, and we’re willing to guarantee this.

If you allow us to help specify our clamps for your purpose, we will guarantee that the clamps will perform their function, or we will either replace or refund each clamp.

The reason we are comfortable offering this guarantee is simple. We are experts in manufacturing high-quality clamps.

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Sandfield Engineering has a range of several hundred different engineering clamps available in every variation of style, material, action, dimensions, finishes and power options to meet your specific requirements on short delivery times.