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Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Consultancy

Consultancy and advice

If your company was to come under investigation from an environmental agency, or (in the worst case) you find yourself defending a charge of pollution release, the expert insights from Sandfield Engineering could save you a significant amount of time and money.

Since the deployment of the CIRIA c736 guidance, there are new sentencing guidelines, advances in technology and public opinion has decidedly turned against polluters. As such, companies are understandably concerned and are taking steps to mitigate the risk of water pollution and needs sound, evidence-based advice to make the right investments.

Sandfield Penstock Solutions supplement our industry-leading water pollution containment system design and implementation with water pollution prevention consultancy and advice to support you to overcome water pollution challenges in the most cost-effective way possible.

We have a track record of successfully supporting our clients in a number of instances by establishing that their water pollution prevention systems and processes were appropriate to the risk, but there were mitigating circumstances.

In every case, we work with our customers to identify the root cause of any water pollution and present this information along with a clear plan of how this risk has been will be controlled going forward. Contact us to discuss how our environmental consultancy could help you.

Penstock Solutions

Sandfield Penstock Solutions is a division of Sandfield Engineering formed specifically to provide cost-effective, non-disruptive solutions to water pollution prevention that are accessible to all businesses.