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Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions

Safeguarding your business against the threat of water Pollution

Following a number of headline-grabbing industrial disasters, most notably the Buncefield fire of 2008, the regulations have tightened around water pollution prevention significantly and the Environment Agency is working hard to enforce them.

With the Fire Brigade reporting an average of three hundred industrial fires each year, and a similar number of industrial spills, water pollution presents a significant threat to manufacturing businesses.

David Cole, Technical Director of Sandfield Penstock Solutions, was engaged by the Environment Agency to support the production and presentation of the latest guidelines and is the inventor of automated pollution containment devices manufactured by Sandfield Engineering.

You can learn more about how Sandfield Engineering could be supporting you to mitigate the risk of water pollution in this area of the website.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding our engineering products and services please do not hesitate to contact us for immediate advice.

Penstock Solutions

Sandfield Penstock Solutions is a division of Sandfield Engineering formed specifically to provide cost-effective, non-disruptive solutions to water pollution prevention that are accessible to all businesses.