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Components and Parts Production, Sourcing and Supply

Components and Parts Production, Sourcing and Supply

Components and parts sourced, designed, manufactured and distributed by Sandfield Engineering, one of the UK’s longest-serving engineering clamp manufacturers.

With more than sixty years of manufacturing experience, Sandfield Engineering has built an extensive international database of industrial part and component suppliers. 

Some of the parts and components that Sandfield Engineering have sourced for our clients include:

  • Slotted Brushes
  • Test pieces for Fuel Cells
  • Drip Stand Brackets
  • Band Clamps
  • Simple Aluminium Handles
  • Specialised Adjustable Feet
  • Aluminium Stacking Patting Tools    

In instances where we have found the component or part to be unavailable having checked our extensive database, we have produced the part in our manufacturing facility both working from designs and drawings provided by the customer or working from the design stage up. Having proven the theory and produced prototypes Sandfield Engineering are able to offshore large scale production to achieve further cost reduction.

The range of component and part production services offered by Sandfield Engineering includes:

  • Part & Component Specification
  • Inhouse 3D Design
  • Assembly
  • Prototyping
  • Inhouse Test & Measurement (CMM)
  • Short Run UK Based Manufacture
  • Offshore Large Scale Production

If the part or you require isn’t shown in the selection presented here please speak to our team today.

"Sandfield Engineering, well what can I say, we have used their superb products for more years than I dare admit, but I will, 10 years in our own business, Broban Tooling Ltd and some 25 plus years at a previous employer. We have always found Sandfield Products to be the best money can buy. The quality, service and delivery are second to none."
Steve Bann
Broban Tooling Limited

Why would you need a components or parts sourcing service?

Our customers call on Sandfield Engineering to produce or supply components and parts for a combination of reasons.

Perhaps the most obvious reason is that they are looking to reduce their costs, the reliability of the parts or supply chain. The most common reason is that they are having difficulty sourcing the part to meet their requirements.

  • Because they are looking to reduce costs.
  • Their current supplier has gone away or becomes unreliable.
  • It’s a new part that they haven’t had to source before.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding our component and part sourcing service please do not hesitate to contact our team today.

How to specify the right component or part for your application?

Our team is hugely experienced in sourcing components and parts and have developed processes for ensuring the delivery of exactly the components and parts that you need.

At Sandfield Engineering we work with our customers to ensure that the component or part requirement is fully understood and documented before proposing a number of solutions designed to meet your time and budget requirements.

If it is required that we manufacture the part or component Sandfield Engineering provide a turnkey solution and are able to support you throughout the process from part specification through design, manufacture and implementation.

No matter how impossible or unique your current component or part sourcing challenge might appear, with more than sixty years of experience it is highly likely that our team have encountered something similar and can quickly steer you towards a solution.

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