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Clamp Selector

If you want to narrow down the type of clamp for your project, you can use our handy clamp selector tool. It only takes a couple of minutes and we don’t ask for any personal information. Just answer the questions below as best you can and we’ll make suggestions.

1. What sort of clamping operation do you need?

If your process is low volume with clamps located in an accessible location, then a manual clamp may be sufficient. If you have high volume applications or the clamp is inaccessible then pneumatic clamps may be required.

2. Do your clamps need to be corrosion-resistant?

Do you require the clamps to be stainless steel and to operate in a food-grade or corrosion-resistant environment?

We recommend

Stainless Steel Clamps

Our Stainless Steel Toggle Clamps are perfect for clean environments like food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical applications or in environments where corrosion could become an issue such as marine, leak testing, wash-down facilities, or outdoor use.

£23.37 ex VAT
Max holding force: 155daN
£17.62 ex VAT
Max holding force: 80daN

3. Do your clamps need to be non-reflective?

Is there any reason your clamps need to be black or non-reflective?

We recommend

Black Clamps

In applications where the Toggle Clamp is to be used for checking non-reflective fixtures, it is often a requirement that the clamp itself is non-reflective. In these instances, we provide a range of Blacked Clamps.

£39.10 ex VAT
For MG2 series clamps
£29.70 ex VAT
For MG2 series clamps

4. What kind of clamping action do you require?

As clamps are used in all sorts of repetitive manufacturing or production processes, there are loads of different ways to clamp. Each clamping action has a different type of clamp.

We recommend

Push Pull Clamps

Push Pull Toggle Clamps have a highly accurate Push Pull action. These clamps are ideal for moving location pins or similar applications where a tightly toleranced movement is required.

We recommend

Plier Clamps

Sandfield Engineering has a range of Plier Action Toggle Clamps available in a variety of strokes to meet your specific requirements on short delivery times.

£25.39 ex VAT
Max holding force: 150daN
£45.50 ex VAT
Max holding force: 545daN
We recommend

Hook Clamps

A hook clamp has a single hook clamp to latch over a latch plate or other and holds two elements together.

£32.37 ex VAT
Max holding force: 710daN
£175.00 ex VAT
Max holding force: 6000daN
We recommend

Locator units

We offer a range of highly accurate locator or retractable locator units. These are designed to carry location pins and retract for ease of unloading. These locators are purely manual and toggle and mechanically lock. The units are available in a number of sizes and strokes.

5. Do you have any restrictions?

Some manufacturing environments have specific space restrictions, meaning you’ll need a compatible size and shape of clamp.

We recommend

Horizontal Clamps

Horizontal Toggle Clamps have a very similar action and operate and in much the same way as Vertical Toggle Clamps. Horizontal Toggle Clamps are used as an alternative to Vertical Toggle Clamps when space is restricted above the clamp.

£21.20 ex VAT
Max holding force: 255daN
£23.37 ex VAT
Max holding force: 155daN
We recommend

Reverse Clamps

These clamps have a reverse motion and are used in environments where there is restricted space behind the clamping surface.

£22.09 ex VAT
Max holding force: 365daN

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Max holding force: 545daN
We recommend

Pin Clamps

These clamps are ideal for clamping through location holes or slots or even shot bolts in order to locate parts.

6. Do you have a high volume or heavy duty application?

Some applications require additional protection or durability.

We recommend

Heavy Duty vertical

Heavy duty clamps are the ideal solution for dusty or dirty environments, or where you need an even more durable clamp than usual.

£74.55 ex VAT
Max holding force: 1300daN
£105.00 ex VAT
Max holding force: 2500daN
We recommend

Vertical Clamps

Vertical Toggle Clamps are by far the most common variation and are appropriate for most applications providing there is no space limitation above the holding position.

£67.00 ex VAT
Max holding force: 370daN
£12.57 ex VAT
Max holding force: 230daN

2. What type of automatic operation do you require?

Are you looking to hold down a part, grip a panel, move/rotate a fixture or move a location pin?

We recommend

Retract pin units

If you need to move location pins to aid loading and unloading then retract pins units which are precision manufactured and designed to be pneumatically operated are ideal for your application.

Dual rod units are ideal where larger offsets are required, the single units for inline or smaller offsets.

We recommend

Pivot/dump units

These units are designed for moving or pivoting large weights, they are fitted with internal dampers, breaks and stops.

We recommend


Light weight units for picking and placing panels or components.

3. Do you need to clamp though a location hole or orifice?

Sometimes the only way to hold down a part is to clamp directly through a slot or location hole.

We recommend

Pull down clamps

Pull down clamps are designed to be compact and are available with a range of pin sizes made from specialist hardened steel.  Designed to fit into the most confined areas.

4. Do you have very restricted access?

If the area you wish to clamp in is very confined then swing clamps may be required.

We recommend

Swing clamps

Swing clamps are ideal in clean applications where space is limited. Clamping forces rely on the force generated from the cylinder.

5. Do you have requirement for medium/heavy duty clamping?

If you have a dusty, dirty or medium to heavy-duty clamping application you need totally protected clamps.

We recommend

Power clamps

Totally enclosed power clamps with integrated sensors ideal for heavy-duty and high volume clamping applications. Steel bodies versions are particularly robust.

We recommend

Pneumatic toggle clamps

An ideal low cost option where clamping volumes are low.

We can help

It’s understandable – we have over 500 products available on this website, and can create custom clamps to suit your specific need. 

As Toggle Clamp experts, we would be happy to support you at every step to pin down the right clamp for you.