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Pollution Containment Devices

Pollution Containment Devices

Sandfield Penstock Solutions leverage our full range of products, services and partner relationships to design and implement fail safe, compliant, cost effective, non-disruptive water pollution prevention systems.

ToggleBlok™ - an automated water pollution containment device

ToggleBlok™ has been developed to work as a completely stand-alone system for preventing pollution escaping through the drains stopping a pollution release. Our system can easily connect into the fire alarm system giving you the perfect solution for automated response, no need to rely on someone remembering to close a valve.

The ToggleBlok™ water pollution containment devices can be triggered remotely from a control centre or mobile phone, more locally with a control panel or automatically by connecting the valves to other devices on the GSM network including fire alarms, environmental monitors, gate sensors, flood sensors, pressure washers and emergency lighting systems.

Our system is fully contained, you do not need to install any additional services to operate ToggleBlok™. All systems come with a control panel and stand.

ToggleBlok™ fits perfectly into almost any existing drainage system but it is also perfect for all new build applications.

The ToggleBlok™ Valve is manufactured from Stainless steel and will stop the drainage flow within seconds of any activation, staying fully locked even if the control panel is destroyed by fire.

Standard ToggleBlok™
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Closed position output
  • EDPM Seals as standard
  • IP67 Stainless Steel enclosure
  • 600mm*400mm*250mm
  • 12Vdc battery with 10W
  • Solar trickle charger
  • Wall or post mounted
  • N/O contact for auxiliary activation
  • Battery test function
Control Options
  • GSM automation
  • SMS / Email reporting
  • Mains power charge
  • Low Power Radio control
  • Auxiliary alarm outputs
  • Cloud-based data logger

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Penstock Solutions

Sandfield Penstock Solutions is a division of Sandfield Engineering formed specifically to provide cost-effective, non-disruptive solutions to water pollution prevention that are accessible to all businesses.