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Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

Delivering high-quality engineering products and services since 1965

Formally incorporated in 1965 Sandfield Engineering have actually been delivering high-quality engineering services for more than sixty years. In that time we have worked with some of the worlds most renowned manufacturers including Jaguar Landrover, Volvo, JCB, Ford, Aston Martin, Kellogs and household names in retail and distribution including Marks & Spencers, Tescos, DHL, and DPD.

The engineering services provided by Sandfield Engineering include:   

Why would you need engineering services from Sandfield Engineering?

Our customers typically call on Sandfield Engineering to provide them with engineering services because they don’t have the resources or capacity to address a particular challenge in-house. This could be for a broad range of reasons but they typically fall into three categories.

The biggest reason is that customers are faced with a new and unique manufacturing challenge that they haven’t made provision for and aren’t resourced to deal with internally. This could be because of a change in their production processes or the introduction of new processes or products.

The most common reason customers come to Sandfield Engineering is because they require specialist manufacturing knowledge and experience, even if they have in-house resources they are unlikely to compare with our sixty years of clamp design and production experience for example.

The third reason is that they don’t have the capacity to reach their production and assembly targets because the targets have increased, they are offering a new product line or outsourcing has been identified as a more economically attractive option.

"Sandfield's engineering knowledge has been invaluable during the development of our products. More importantly, they support us by adapting to the many challenging requests we give them and the tight delivery schedules we ask of them."
Ade Home
Branch Manager,
Aut-Tech Group

How to specify the right engineering service for your particular situation

Our team is hugely experienced in dealing with all manner of manufacturing challenges and have developed processes for ensuring the delivery of an effective solution.

At Sandfield Engineering we work with our customers to ensure that the engineering challenge is fully understood and documented before proposing a number of solutions designed to meet your time and budgets requirements.

Sandfield Engineering provides turnkey solutions and are able to support you throughout the process from problem identification and specification through design, manufacture and implementation.

Resolving your unique manufacturing challenges with our custom engineered solutions

Our close working relationships with hundreds of Manufacturing Engineers & Managers and the problem-solving nature of our clamps and holding solutions means that we are often called upon when other challenges arise in production processes.

We have supported our customers by providing solutions to a host of manufacturing challenges including self-closing battery boxes, hologram holding systems, safe gas cylinder retaining systems, battery cell production and the development of automated valves for spill containment.

No matter how impossible or unique your current manufacturing challenge might appear, with more than sixty years of experience it is highly likely that our team have encountered something similar and can quickly steer you towards a custom engineered solution.

You can learn more about our custom engineering services here.

Custom Clamp Design to ensure that your clamp or holding system performs to your exact specification

If you have spent any time sourcing clamps you will have discovered that there are hundreds of different types, with hundreds of variations to perform thousands of functions.

Sandfield Engineering has a range of seven hundred different engineering clamps available in every variation of style, material, action, dimensions, finishes and power options to meet your specific requirements on short delivery times, and we have developed our clamp selector tool to give you the very best chance of finding the right clamp.

However, it might be that the clamp you need to meet your exact requirements doesn’t actually exist. 

If the clamp you need isn’t available from our wide selection we provide a custom clamp design service to ensure you get exactly the engineering clamp you need. 

Components and parts sourcing services to support you in meeting your production targets

In instances where you don’t have the resources to meet your production targets either because you have yet to resource the required skills and equipment because it is a new product line – and thus requires specialist product line equipment; your production targets are increasing, or you are looking to realise the cost benefits of outsourcing, Sandfield Engineering offer a matching and assembly service.

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