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Clamp Mounting Styles Explained

Clamp Mounting Styles Explained

Mounting Style

The toggle clamp is a really flexible tool for repetitively holding down work pieces.

The range of clamps available is eye-watering with different sizes, different actions and different ways of mounting them to suit just about every application.

To help explain the many features of the clamps we have prepared this document to explain the many different mounting options.

Base MountedTemplate MountedFront MountedNose Mounted

Base mounted

Base mounting is where the clamps are fixed to a flat surface at their base. This is by far the most common option for a toggle clamp and more than 80 percent of the clamps we sell are base mounted. Some examples include:


Vertical and Horizontal Clamps

If there is insufficient height between the underside of the bar and the mounting surface the clamp can be raised up on a blocker or packing piece.


Push Pull or Plunger Clamps

Very similar to previously described, the clamps are fixed to a flat surface or table. These clamps may also be mounted vertically or at different orientations to suit the direction of the force you need to apply. The clamps are supplied in a range of heights and strokes to suit many different applications.


Latch or Hook Clamps

The latch or hook clamps are a base mounted clamp, the clamp can be mounted on a flat surface either horizontally or vertically.

There are 2 different styles of latch/hook clamps, the horizontal variant where the U-bolt or hook is in the same plane as latch plate or the vertical variant where the latch plate is perpendicular to the clamp.

Template mounted

Another common mounting method is template or blade mounting. The clamp is mounted over a tenon or blade which fits between the clamp side plates. Front mounting clamps maybe a cost-effective way of mounting particularly it the clamp needs to be raised up or at complex angle. In these instances, the mounting blade for the clamp can be simply laser or profile cut and can reduce or eliminate costly machining


Clamp Tower Mounting

In addition to the clamps Sandfield also provide a range of clamp mounting towers, these are an extremely flexible cost-effective way of mounting the clamps. They are available in 3 different sizes and 3 different heights.

Front mounted

Some models can be front mounted, i.e., to the front of the workbench. This option is ideal where access around the work piece is limited, with a range of both horizontal and vertical clamps that may provide a perfect solution.

Nose mounted

Nose mounted push pull clamps are designed with a threaded nose piece so the clamp can be mounted directly into the fixture. This is a really useful style of mounting where space is limited.

Alternatively, the clamps maybe mounted using a mounting bracket, this essentially turns the nose mounted clamps into a base mounted clamp.

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