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Bowl Feeders

Sandfield will design manufacture just and supply a simple bowl feeder. We have more than 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing bowls.

Vibratory Bowl Feeders are one of the most reliable methods for ensuring a consistent component flow for production machinery.
If you are running a production line where there is a need to orientate small components, so that they can be correctly fed into another part of the production process, then bowl feeders provide the perfect solution.

A bowl feeder will work with many different shapes and sizes of components providing there is a feature that can be used to orientate the part.
Each bowl is mounted on a vibratory drive unit and controlled with a ‘bowl controller’. The parts are gently vibrated so they move up the spiral track on the inside of the bowl those that are not correctly orientated are ‘wiped off’ and returned to the bowl floor and that combined with specific tooling designed into the bowl the parts are orientated as required.

The bowl controller controls the frequency and the amplitude of the vibrations.

The Bowl Feeder is sized and tooled specifically for each individual component depending on the size and shape of the component the required orientation and federate. The intervals between refilling the bowl will also influence the size of the bowl.

In some instances the bowl can be reduced in size by using a hopper to automatically refill the bowl, this can often provide a more economic solution over using a larger bowl.

The bowl tops are predominantly cast aluminium which is polyurethane lined, however, some shapes of component lend themselves to fabricating different shapes of bowl tops ie conical bowls. Some industries require stainless bowl tops these can also be provided. The tooling fitted to the bowl is stainless steel.

The tooling is generally fitted internally to the bowl, external tooling can produce much higher feed rates and also increases the storage space in the bowl top for components.

Acoustic Covers can be supplied to reduce noise levels, as sometimes with larger metallic components noise levels can be unacceptable

Our Bowl feeder drive units

Talk to The Experts at Sandfield

Please do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your Vibratory Bowl Feeder requirement. No matter how unique your part feeding challenge might appear to you now, with more than 20 years of experience, our team will have experienced something similar and can therefore quickly steer you in the right direction.