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Linear Track

Once the bowl has orientated your parts you may need to create a reservoir of parts for distribution, or the parts may need to be fed away from the bowl feeder.

This is helpful in applications where a lot of parts are required per minute, or if parts need to be conveyed away from the main system due to space or process constraints. Normally these are used in systems that feed into an escapement or a robot picking system.

Normally we would fit a linear track with a ‘build back’ sensor this way when parts are built down the track the bowl can be automatically stopped to reduce back pressure on the parts further down the track.

If required, we can also fit position sensors at the end of the track that could check which part is being fed from the bowl, or that parts are not in an incorrect orientation (to be rejected). The option also exists to implement a vision system to check features and/or part colour.

Thanks to our CAD design facility we can ensure the linear track is exactly as long as it needs to be and the motor size is correct. We offer full 3D CAD Models for design sign-off with every system order as standard.

Our Linear track

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